Paul Brennan

2016 a year in review

Hi All,

I suppose by the title of this page you will be expecting a long winded round up of the year. I promise it wont be. This year I have been kept busy with learning songs for weddings, some were quite easy and others were challenging but all in all I got through with little drama. I always find vocally I will make anything work because I am very confident there and I get it almost straight away. Getting the guitar parts right is my challenge but I'm quite a dogged guy and I always stick at it till it works.

I did a couple of gigs interstate which always sounds like a big deal but they're not really, one was in Adelaide my home town for a friend of mines mother who turned 90. She was an incredibly energetic lady who could still really belt out a tune, apparently she used to sing a lot on tv in her younger years, didn't doubt that for a second either. The other was for a wedding in Kalamunda Perth WA, they were holidaying in Port Douglas and saw me playing at the Central Hotel, we kept in contact and next thing there I was playing at their wedding. The interstate gigs I try and make work financially for the people bearing in mind sometimes I have to give up a whole weekends work here to go and do it.

2016 has been a good year for me financially plenty of gigs, more weddings than usual too. The calendar for 2017 is filling up fast to especially September and October as it is peak wedding season. Last Thursday week I played my annual Carols by Candle light in the village green at Mission Beach. This is my fourth year doing it, I supply the PA system and sing a few songs, then when Santa rolls up whip the kid's up into a frenzy and let him deal with the aftermath all this to a rousing rendition of Jingle Bells. This year some kid's from the local primary school sang some carols and they came across really well. I have a a few photos of the proceedings in my photo section.