Paul Brennan

2017 - a big year of weddings

What a year it has been, big is an understatement. I performed at over 20 weddings this year which is huge for me taking me all over Nth Queensland. Then there were plenty of pub gigs and private functions to play at as well. As the year is drawing to a close it's giving me some time to reflect on 2017

One the most memorable was destinations was a place called Ravenswood where I played for Dave and Gracie's wedding it was about 100 klms or so west of Charters Towers (well I think it was west) it was like taking a step back in time to the 1800's. Just a beautiful old mining town with all these amazing old buildings that were still practical and being used today. I spent the night in this huge old timber Queenslander style Pub that creaked and groaned. Come to think of it, could have been haunted but I was so tired I didn't care about that at all.

I played over in Papua New Guinea at the Royal Papuan Yacht Club for Anzac Day and got to party hard with some awesome people.. I was only there for 24 hours but still had a great time.

Anyway might sign off for awhile Happy Christmas everybody