Paul Brennan

Finding the right act

These days with the internet it is almost expected that one has a web presence if you are to be taken seriously at all, and that goes for any business really. Because who is going to take your business seriously if you don't take your own business seriously.

So i think a web presence is a big thing especially if you are not well connected in an area. Word of mouth from someone who's opinion you respect goes a long way and still is the best form of advertising. By web presence I mean website or something that can be found through search engines, preferably website though.

Some guys just go for all the bells and whistles on their websites. For me all I really need is some good photos and videos preferably ones that are not overly staged or set up (we all try and portray ourselves in the best possible light, and that's fair enough). Music is one of those mediums you don't need a degree to have an opinion about it. Use this simple test

If the music sounds good to your ears it's good.

if it sounds bad to your ears..well I think you get the idea of where I'm going with this. The music should speak for itself .

Now I have to laugh at myself I don't have a great deal of audio or video on my own website but rest assured it is coming soon. I will make sure I edit in some action crowd scenes as well this time. 

Then there is the style of person you are after, does he or she come across as someone you could get along with. This should come across pretty well in their writing style. Some guys are quite laid back and casual while others are more middle management types, business like and formal in their approach, making sure they tick every box to win the job. Both styles work well though depending on your personal preferences.

I would also be wary of guys who spread themselves to thin by offering to many other services as well, there is something a bit scattered about that approach that comes across as  a bit wishy washy to me

Anyway just a few thoughts.