Paul Brennan

Frequently asked questions


What sort of act am I?

I play acoustic guitar and sing, plus throw in some harmonica here and there just to spice things up a little bit. I do not use any backing tracks or drum machines. Whatever happens on stage is live.

A few years ago I added a stomp box to my act, it is a small box like object I tap my foot on and it creates a bass drum... sounds good too.

What type of songs do I play?

The songs I perform are a blend of slower ballads ideal for early in the night to more uptempo harder driving songs as the evening progresses. If you would like to view my list of  songs you will notice I have quite a mix of songs specifically designed so there is something for everybody. From 60's to current times.

I am always open for requests and if I know the song I will happily play it for you.

How I manage my breaks?

I tend to take my breaks where I see fit, for example if a group were to walk in just as I am about to go on a break there is a good chance they might leave if I take a break then.

In the case of Weddings and Parties I really feel it is so important to fit in with what is happening on the night in and around speeches etc. I don't adhere to any sort of rigid break sequence, I play it by ear. Bottom line my philosophy is simple "I'm there to work and make sure the night is a success"

The equipment I use?

I only use professional industry standard equipment. I could waffle on with all sorts of technical jargon about this and that, but I wont bore you with details. However, I will say any top line touring artist today, would happily plug into my system and feel very confident about using it too. It is very good equipment. By having the right equipment for the job I give myself the best possible chance of success.

Can we borrow your microphone for our speeches?

Yes ... I always carry a spare microphone and mic lead for this

What do you need from us on the day?

I carry everything I need all I need from you is a power point. If I am outdoors in direct sunlight or rain, I will need some protection.

How do we go about booking you for our Wedding or Party?

Just send me an email. I also require a deposit and we're booked.